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Call us on 021 551 4248 or email us and we will deliver anywhere in SA for a small fee,
Based in Cape Town, Western Cape, but have a branch in every post office in the world :-)

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Map of current South Africa Surface Water Temperatures.
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Map of current South Africa Wind Speed.

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Imagine a place of quiet serene beauty, a hidden spot that's not easy to get to but has everything you desire.
A place you are dying to tell your friends about but dare not. This is Stream X, your fly fishing paradise.

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StreamX & Netbooks are looking for a New Home
This is an opportunity for an enthusiastic young or retired person with a good knowlege of fly fishing and tackle to purchase an established business with a good national customer base.
Requirments: Computer skills - Spreadsheets, Pastel and HTML is a must. Money! and a sense of humour. Basic accounting. The business is being sold as a debt free going concern, includes Netbooks; and being sold on a 'cost of stock' and assets basis. Contact Craig at if you are interested. Buyers will have to qualify.

brinefly innovations pulse disc south africa

open garden dayGarden Open Day for Fly Fishers and Garden Lovers
Saturday 8 November 2014 - 10 am to 4.30 pm  
Tea and cake will be served.

Sharland East-Urquhart's garden in Bishopscourt will be open to the public on Saturday 8 November 2014, in aid of the Red Cross Children's Hospital, a very worthy cause.
Quite apart from the beautiful garden, Sharland has enlisted the aid of her fly-fishing friends and many others to make the day extremely interesting by offering:

free casting lessons
on the tennis court with Tim Rolston, with prizes for accuracy;
fly tying demonstrations
in the art studio by Ed Herbst and Gordon van der Spuy;
displays and sales of rods, split can rods
by Stephen Boshoff,
books on gardening and fly fishing by Craig Thom of Netbooks, books by Tom Sutcliffe (Tom will be available for part of the day to sign his books), flies, and art;
from Sharland's nursery, and some donated by Ferndale Nursery, for sale;

Some very special raffle prizes, including a leather bound limited edition of Hunting Trout very kindly donated by Tom Sutcliffe, some other books by Tom, baskets of six bottles of wine, a case of sparkling wine kindly donated by Steenberg, and more.  Entry R50.

All proceeds will be going to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

New Products coming soon.

stonfo thread splitterstonfo thread splitter

Stonfo Thread Splitter
This high precision tool from Stonfo allows you to split thin threads very easily, so you can make perfect dubbing loops on even the smallest size flies. The splitting operation which is usually a real pain to do manually, becomes much easier. It is ideal for those small CdC dubbing loops.

stonfo dubbing loop setDubbing Loop Set
To assist your Thread Splitter, Stonfo Hair clips are indispensable in processing dubbing loops, and you can use various types of hair and hackles. Produced of strong clear plastic material, the locking surfaces have a slight roughness that allow a perfect clamping of the fibers. Dubbing loop clips take the frustration out of trying to tame materials and insert them into a dubbing loop. Works perfectly with CdC, deer hair, smaller fiber dubbings, deer hair, synthetics or fibres. Two clips in a pack, 49mm across.

LED Vice LightLED Vice Light
Enlighten your vice, with a perfect travel tying light - cordless, lightweight and works anywhere. The bright battery powered LED provides good light and has a long battery life. Clamps to any 3/8" or 10mm vise stem and is easily adjustable to direct light exactly where you need it. Requires three AAA batteries (not included).

plastic fly rattle

Plastic Fly Rattle
Plastic Fly Rattles are ideal to add sound and a bit of weight to large streamer flies. These loud rattles are ideal for spicing up kob and bass flies to make them more 'findable' and attractive. These are tougher than glass beads and include a throat to make sure they are tied on securely. 20mm long, 10 per pack.

pattern patchesPattern Patches
For use with permanent markers or airbrush systems, you can make 5 different patterns on many surface types - foam, synthetic fibers, tubing, feathers or legs. Ideal for bringing out your creative side and producing realistic looking flies.

hanak competition hook H970hanak competition hook H470
New Hanak H470BL and H970BL Wave point Hooks.
Hanak recently launched their new innovative 'wave' hook range, and have just added a Streamer and Jig hook. The 'wave' hook is designed to stay in once a fish is hooked by serving the purpose of a 'barb'. This unique shape allows easy hooking with less un-hooking so that the chances of losing fish on a barbless hook becomes remote. As usual the hooks are made with the perfect blend of strength and flexibility and with a super sharp point. The new models are the H970BL Streamer Wave, A heavy wire, black nickel, long shank hook in sizes #6 - 10; and the H470BL Jig Wave, a Medium wire, black nickel Jig hook in sizes #8-16. If you are serious about holding on to your fish, this is the hook for you.

modern terrestrialsModern Terrestrials: Tying & Fishing the World's Most Effective Patterns
Rick Takahashi & Jerry Hubka
Spiral-bound: 256 pages 2014
Terrestrials, a broad category of potential fish food ranging from land-dwelling insects to mice, are one of the most important food sources for trout around the world. Whether you tie or buy your flies, this collection of cutting-edge advice from experts around the world will help you catch more fish. First comprehensive book of contemporary terrestrial patterns--grasshoppers, crickets, ants, beetles, and more Over 600 patterns and recipes from around the world Tying steps for 15 essential pattern styles plus fishing techniques, tips, and tricks from experts on rivers and stillwaters Stunning photos and detailed illustrations. Buy Online

New Products

bvlack tungsten beadsNow available - 10% launch discount

The super duper locally made Wade salt water reel.
There are three models:
Albula - 220m of 50lb gelspunbacking, WF9F line 250g 10cm dia.        R4900
Chanos - 250m of 60lb gelspun backing, WF10F line 285g 10.7cm dia. R5250 Caranx - 300m of 80lb gelspun backing, WF12F line 308g 11.5cm dia.  R5450

Outgoing click, and smooth drag. Type 3 anodising.

Sakura Tenkara Rods

New stock for the summer season has arrived

sakura tenkara rods

pulse discWe also received the next batch of Pulse Discs as the first lot disappeared fast.

New with this batch is the combo saltwater pack with metal duosnaps.

These are designed for use with a wire bite guard or heavy mono.

Package includes:
Six #4 (7/8" diameter)
Six #5 (1" diameter)
Six #6 (1-1/8" diameter)
Six #7 (1-1/4" diameter)

fishing stories for africaFishing Stories for Africa - Stories from the first ten years of The Fishing and Hunting Journal
Edited by Edward Truter & Martin Rudman
Art by Craig Bertram Smith
Softcover 300 pages 2014
Long ago when the waters of the world were still young and the fishes that lived in them held a new fascination for men, a hunter-gatherer told the first fishing story. Although fishing for survival is dying out, the tradition of telling fishing stories lives on.
In this collection of forty stories, previously published in the first ten volumes of The Fishing & Hunting Journal, twenty-nine authors share their fishing dreams, adventures and accounts of life on the water. Set mostly in Africa, they cover everything from wild times with tarpon in tropical seas to introspective tales of trout in mountain trickles.

Whether you have a passion for marlin, mudfish, or mullet, deep down fishing is one language and these are some of its stories. The 300 pages are filled with stories set to entertain anyone with an interest in fishes, fishing, or the outdoor lifestyle. 
Buy Online

fishing stories for africaAlso available in a

Deluxe signed and numbered hardcover edition

Buy Online

Fish Skull Products

bvlack tungsten beadsbvlack tungsten beadsflymen articulated fish spine

Fish Skulls (Small to Large), Fish Skull Masks (#3 - #10),
Articulated Fish-Spine (10, 15 & 20mm) and Articulated Shank (20mm)

fish skull articulated shank

The articulated fish spines go perfectly with the new sculpting fibres from Fishient we got in recently. Time to tie your own gamechangers.

New Fibres from Fishient

bvlack tungsten beadsSculpting Fibre and Sculpting Flash Fibre
A nice local substitute for EP Fibre. Give your imitations the edge by using this realistic Flash Fibre. Great for sculpting crustacean and profile baitfish type flies. The combination of micro flash along with our unique blends is deadly! Trims and shapes easily and is light and water resistant. R36.00 & R40.00 per hank.

sculpting fibre flyColours - White, Silver Grey, Yellow, Dark Orange, Natural Belly, Wild Olive, Light Purple, Light Pink, Shrimp, Natural, Camo, Misty Blue, Shaded Chartreuse, Sea Blue, Rainbow, Bucktail White, Mullet Brown, Herring Back, Violet Nigh,t Midnight Blitz, Chartreuse, Olive, Redfish, Electric Yellow, Pink, Brown Dark Grey, Turquoise, Sage, Spearmint, Green, Orange, Green, Dark Brown, Lemon, Gold, Pearl, Tan, Salmon, Peacock Blue, Royal Blue, Bronze, Camel, Misty Green Sea, Green Sand, Cerise, Hot Orange, Anchovy, Dark Green, Aquamarine, Bronze Back, Flu Chartreuse, Misty Camel, Light Coral, Purple Grape, Teal, Sunburst, Black, Dark Purple, Red, Peacock, Mackerel, Silverback, Dark Olive, Glass Minnow, Beige, Livebait, Olive Shiner, Rusty Olive.

grizzly fibreGrizzly Fibre

This perfectly barred synthetic GRIZZLY FIBRE will help you create strikingly realistic baitfish imitations. Use as a topping, tail or lateral line. Also superb for antenna on crustacean patterns.
Colours: White, Shrimp Brown, Wild Olive, Baitfish Green, Light Purple, Teal, Red, Orange, Hot Pink, Dark Purple, Royal Blue.

R28.00 per hank
bvlack tungsten beads

bvlack tungsten beadsBlack Tungsten Beads

You read it correctly, it's plain black, not black nickle.
Sizes - 1.5, 2.0, 2.4 & 2.8mm
R45.00 - R69.00 per 25

xplorer guide II x-tenda fly rod
Explorer Nymphing Rods
Explorer have added some new rods to their Guide II range. Along with a 1wt 7'9" rod there is a range of nymphing rods. Those marked EXT are unique as they can be extended from 9ft to 10ft while fishing on the water, by utilising an extra 1ft section.  The models are:
10ft 3wt 5piece EXT
10ft 3wt 4piece
10ft 4wt 5piece EXT
10ft 5wt 4piece
Prices start at R2595.00

bullet conesSuper size Tungsten Cones
Battling to get your streamer down? These outsize 6mm diameter cones heads will do the trick.
They will add a new dimension to any fly.

Packets of 10, Colours: Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Orange & Fluorescent Pink.

Tube fly compatible. R155.00

brinefly innovations pulse disc south africabrinefly innovations pulse disc cape townbrinefly innovations pulse disc

Pulse Disc from Brinefly Innovations
Adding a Pulse Disc to your fly will make the fly look like it’s swimming. Really swimming. It makes the fly wiggle like a real baitfish. Order a pack and see how each different size of Pulse Disc makes the different sizes of flies move through the water.
Simply tie a non slip loop with the Pulse Disc between the knot and the fly and your fly comes to life. It can also be used with duosnaps for toothy fish, and is available in seven sizes for #6 - 5/0 hooks. It is available in packs of six, as well as handy cost saving multi-packs of 24 units for #6 - 1/0 and #1/0 - 5/0 hooks.
The Pulse Disc works so well because it causes the same hydro-acoustical signature put out by the bait fish. The side to side movement is the same as the bait fish, and you can actually feel the pulsation in your hand.
The Pulse Disc has been tested by Bob Popovics, published author and guru in the fly fishing industry, who encouraged the production of the Pulse Disc prototype. See the video below.
Pulse Disc Multipack #1-4 FW x24 R 399.00
Pulse Disc Multipack #4-7 SW x24 R 449.00
Pulse Disc 6 pack #1 13mm R 109.00
Pulse Disc 6 pack #2 16mm R 109.00
Pulse Disc 6 pack #3 19mm R 109.00
Pulse Disc 6 pack #4 22mm R 129.00
Pulse Disc 6 pack #5 25mm R 129.00
Pulse Disc 6 pack #6 28mm R 149.00
Pulse Disc 6 pack #7 32mm R 149.00

  Dennis the Menace Fritz
dennis the menace fritzPerfect for Blobs, this dense material that ties up really well, and is ideally suited to most stillwater lures. The fritz pulsates in the water proving irresistible to trout and to the fly angler! Also great for Boobies. Let your imagination run wild! The twin colours are very bright and true, and really do shine out. Available in Black/Red, Olive/Red & Pearl/Red 15mm Fritz - Sold out at present

mini magnetic clipMini Magnetic Retainers

This very compact tool holder, with strong magnets, is ideal for small accessories like nippers,
quick release tool, forceps etc. It is really good for those tools you use further from your body, that a zinger does not reach. - Sold out at present

petitjean magic tool hair stackerPetitjean Magic Tool Hair Stackerr

A hair stacker that can be used with the magic tools to stack all kinds of hair, furs, fibres, hackles (including soft ones).
It will also stack more material than a conventional stacker.
Includes a built in blade incorporating a pick and comb for teasing and untangling materials.

LED magnifier lampDeluxe LED Magnifier fly-tying Light
This energy saving light features a super-sized 3 Diopter, 7 Inch lens, with crisp bright daylight illumination.
Ideal for use as a light source at you fly tying desk, as well as for tackling those small size 20 flies that you battle to see. It is also a good light source fro photographing your flies.
The LED lights last almost forever saving you replacement globes and electricity..
This desk clamp version is also available with a T5 fluorescent lamp, as well as a smaller 5" lens version. An optional desktop mount is available.

squirmy wormyWeather Station

Never be caught short by a dropping barometer again. This big 180mm combination weather station includes a Precision Hygrometer, Thermometer and Barometer.
It features a brushed gold surround and can be hung or inserted into a relevant hole.

 squirmy wormySquirmy Wormy Material

The Skirmy Wormi material has just landed. The new fly tying material that is catching huge amounts of fish all over the world.
60 worms per pack from Red to Glow in the Dark.

No more late night visits to your local adult store so you can tie the Vladi Worm, you can do the new improved version.

R60 per pack.
Sold out at present

TFO Tenkara 'Soft Hackle' Rod

scientific fly signature series flies
The ultimate in simplicity and presentation. Based on a traditional Japanese method of fishing using only a rod, line and fly, tenkara fishing permits anglers to make precise casts, delicate presentations, and manipulate their fly with extreme ease. Telescoping down to 20 inches, the Soft Hackle rods are perfect for the backpacking angler. The rods come with a spare tip and second section. The rod sock has a unique line holder built in to help organize your line when not in use.
The rod features a full Flor grade cork handle, and a line kit is provided as an optional extra.
The line kit includes a #4.5 level line, as well as a 10.5' Traditional Tenkara Line. It also includes a booklet by Larry V. Knotley, titled 'Larry's Tenkara 101'.

Recent Stock to Arrive
Stroft Tippet, Rabbit Zonker, Dubbing, Strung Hackle.

Signature Flies
Now in stock from Scientific Fly, the range includes Klipspringer DDD's in standard and yellow, as well as the Good Doctors Beetle, in bronze and purple.
scientific fly signature series flies

rio euro nymph lineEuro Nymph line from Rio
The Perfect Line for Czech, Polish, and French style Nymphing. The Euro Nymph Line was designed by Steve Parrott to satisfy the need for a one size fits all European style Nymphing line that is competition legal. The line is built on a thin diameter, low stretch, supple core to maximize sensitivity and allow for lightning fast hook sets, while a highly visible tip helps anglers detect the slightest of strikes. This line is designed specifically for European style nymphing techniques, such as “French”, “Czech”, “Polish”, and “Spanish” styles. Ultra-thin, incredibly light line for the utmost in sensitivity Conforms to international fly fishing rules Highly visible tip for detecting the subtlest of takes Built on a supple, low-stretch core. For #2-5 weight Rods, the line is 24m Moss colour, with an Orange indicator Tip.

redington crosswater wadersRedington Crosswater Waders
Constructed from 3-layer, 100% Polyester, waterproof/breathable DWR coated fabric and are equipped with high density neoprene booties. Opposing buckles allow you to adjust the waist height for comfort and a secure fit. Integrated neoprene gravel guards and wading belt are designed for maximum security on difficult water. Designed to keep you dry and warm on your fishing adventures.
hanak hook hanak hook hanak indicator
Hanak H270 Stillwater & Wet hook. Wave point, Short shank, black nickel. Sizes are #8, 10 and 12
Hanak H280 Stillwater & Wet hook. Wave point, long shank, black nickel. Sizes are #8, 10 and 12 Hanak BiColour Indicator is now available in a Pink/Yellow combo. 6kg breaking strain, 0.25mm dia. Also available in Orange/Yellow.

smith optics chroma pop smith optics chroma pop xplorer guide III reel
Smith Optics Chroma Pop (r) Glasses with Carbonic TLT Lenses
New Xplorer Guide III Reel

traveller-rod-bag glacier abaco sun glove ascension bay glacier glove
Stripping/Fighting Sun Glove Fingerless Sun Glove 50+ UPF sun protection Dr. Shade™ 4 Way Stretch Breathable Nylon Synthetic Leather Palm with PU pads Abaco Bay Sun Glove Fingerless Sun Glove 50+ UPF sun protection Dr. Shade™ Lycra/Spandex Light Blue Camo Two Sizes only S/M and L/XL Ascension Bay Sun Glove Fingerless Sun Glove 50+ UPF sun protection Dr. Shade™ Lycra/Spandex Back with Synthetic Leather Palm Light Gray.
sterkies-bag shoulder-bag airflo outlug backpack
Sterkies Gear Bag (rod excluded)

Shoulder Sling Bag

Airflo Outlug Tech Pack
with High Capacity Backpack
duffle rod bag emerger gear bag sili legs
Duffle & Rod bag

Emerger Gear Bag (rod excluded)

Sili Legs, 17 colours.
redington drift fly reel redington rise reel redington rise reel
Redington Drift. The go-to click and pawl trout reel. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized, it is lightweight and ultra-durable. Quick release spool. Nylon reel case included. Lifetime warranty.
Redington Rise Reel Their most popular, fully machined, aluminum reel. Various colours and performs in salt or fresh water. Medium arbor design for easier and quicker retrieve. Powerful cork and teflon drag system. Larger gripping zone on drag knob. Low profile spool release mechanism designed for easy removal.
Lifetime warranty.

  rio suppleflex leader  cork handled trout net

Suppleflex Trout leaders Very soft, supple copolymer material with excellent knot strength. Gives featherweight presentations and does not impede the natural movement of a fly in the current. A perfect choice for the dry fly and soft hackle fly fisher. Camo butt. Alu frame cork handled nets, with internal measuring marker. Also available with built-in scale.

rod building components and sage advice
Rod Building components, blanks and tools
Click to see rod blanks and all the goods you will need to build or repair a rod.

New Wychwood products

wychwood river and stream reel  
New Wychwood lightweight reels from L-R. River & Stream reels #2/3 50g, #4/5 58g.  More details here.

wychwood river and stream rod

sageDigital Barometer - Altimeter

It is well known that a dropping barometer affects fishing in a negative way.
Don't get caught out!
This unit predicts and displays an array of weather information such as Barometer Pressure, Temperature and Weather Forecasting, and also the Altitude information with options of Absolute Altitude Measurement and Reference Altitude Measurement selectable by users.

It also has a Clock, Timer and Alarm functions are also available for all timing purposes. Together with an Ultra Bright White LED Torch which can be switched to Flash, this item will surely become one of the most wanted items of all fishing, hiking and outdoor lovers.
Key features include: Altimeter with Reference Mode or Absolute Mode and Auto Recording Built with High Quality Swiss Sensor Barometer with Temperature and Weather Forecast Alarm Alarm Clock with Timer Torch with Flash mode. Water Resistant (IXP 5)

More New Items here

Special Items

framed fishing flies framed fishing flies framed fishing flies framed fishing flies framed fishing flies

Framed set of 5 Transkei Fly Fishing stamps Click on pics to enlarge
Flies tied by Simon Mataka. With frame R5995.00 for set of 5, Mounted on boards only R2595.00 per set of 5.
Framed size 40cm wide by 43cm high

Yoshikazu Fujioka Yoshikazu Fujioka
Framed limited edition prints by Yoshikazu Fujioka.
Watercolour of Amago Trout on left - framed size 37 x 70cm, Coki sketch of Amago on right - framed size 34h x30 cm.
R9 995.00 for both framed prints.

Products we stock


Airflo fly lines, Ark inflatables, Buff, Bogagrip, Chota wading boots, Costa del Mar sunglasses, Daiwa, Flying Fisherman Sunglasses, Glacier Gloves, Hatch reels, Hanak, Hemingways, Jim Teeny flylines, Kingfisher, Leeda reels, Loon, Montana Fly Company, Mucilin, Orvis rods & reels, Rio fly lines, River & Stream, Sakura Tenkara, SciFlies flies, Senqu gear, Snowbee, Smartspooler, Stroft tippet, Tenkara, Thinkfish Bold & Flypad, TFO (Temple Fork Outfitters) Rods & reels, Xplorer products, starter kits, fly fishing kits, czech nymph tackle, Wychwood flyrods & fly reels. StreamX does not supply 'Shilton' reels. Smith Optics, Redington, No fishpond, but we have some good similar items. All these are available in Cape Town, but we ship anywhere in South Africa.

Fly Tying

Danville threads, Dr Slick tools, Eumer, Fishient fly tying materials, Fish skulls, Gamakatsu hooks, Grip hooks, Hanak barbless competition hooks, J:Son, JVice vise, Anvil, Just add H2O (fishient) tying materials like SF blend. Hareline dubbin, Hends, Montana Fly Company, Mustad, Pearsalls, Petitjean tools, Rainey's, Renzetti vises, Rite bobbin, Sprite hooks, Stonfo fly tying tools, Veniard products, Whiting Farm Products (Whiting feathers), Road Kill (StreamX roadkill) which sometimes includes Klipspringer.

Rod Building

Blanks by American Tackle, MHX, Orvis, RL Winston, Sage, Temple Fork (TFO), Thomas & Thomas etc. Cork rings, cork grips, Tonkin cane (bamboo), Fuji, Pacific bay (pacbay), REC, ATC, Mudhole, Flexcoat, ProKote, ProWrap and more.

Stephen Boshoff Rods, cane, bamboo, custom

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