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Imagine a place of quiet serene beauty, a hidden spot that's not easy to get to but has everything you desire.
A place you are dying to tell your friends about but dare not. This is Stream X, your fly fishing paradise.
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New Products

hanak super light reel hanak H930 klinkhamer hook
Hanak Click Reel 1-2wt or 3-4wt
lightweight all-metal large arbor, with fine drag.

85 and 90g, 20m backing capacity. R1995.00
Hanak Klinkamer H390 Hook
Barbless extra long needle point, fine wire hook.
Sizes #12 #14 #16 R69.00
See the full range of Hanak Hooks

hanak lake line hanak czech nymph line
Hanak Hover Line WF5-6H
The slowest sinking (1 cm / s) clear line on the market. R695.00
Line Hanak Czech Nymph WF3F
New 2015 revolutionary dry floating technology.
hanak wave lines hanak fluorocarbon tippet
Hanak Wave Line
Floating cream line in WF 3, 4, 5 F
Intermediate clear line in WF 5, 6, 7 I
Sinking black line in WF 5, 6, 7 S3
A good value for money line.
 Hanak Competition Fluorocarbon
Proven excellence and superior strength in cost-effective packaging. 50 m rolls, with a retainer to prevent unwinding in your pocket. Rolls can be connected together. Available in 2X to 7X
hanak braided loops hanak peak cap
Hanak Braided Loops
Braid with an eye, and plastic sleeve for easy installation.
Standard # 5-8wt, 9 kg capacity, 8 cm clear, black, or Fluorescent pink / chartreuse combo.
Micro # 0-4wt, 7 kg, 6 cm, clear. R34.00
Hanak Peak Cap
Stylish light weight adjustable cap that says you fish confidently with Hanak Competition Products and care about fish.
hanak competition nets  
Hanak Competition Nets
Wave Champion with a special shape significantly increasing success in landing fish.
Wave 35 - Diameter 35 cm and 137g. Wave 45 - Diameter 45 cm 167g R399.00 each
Super Light SLT 45cm 2in1 net, 255g with long handle.  Super lightweight aluminium frame includes 2 handles. One short 15 cm for rivers and a long 64 cm for the lake. Total length 71 or 120 cm.  R695.00


Veniard Synthetic Quill Veniard Pro Dub yarn
Veniard Synthetic Quill
Very tough synthetic quills cut in 2 thicknesses. Very easy to use.
Cream, Golden Olive, Green, Grey, Olive, Orange, Red, Yellow, Purple, Rust, White
Pro Dub yarn
This delightful new thread addresses several requirements for a dub thread fine enough to work into small patterns in the smallest hook sizes.
Available in Pearl & UV colours.
Veniard Holographic Rainbow Mylar Stonfo Elite Bobbin Threader
Holographic Rainbow Mylar
Uni’s superb mylar flat tinsel in an outrageous rainbow pattern.
Available in #16 Small, #14 Medium, #12 Large & #10 Extra Large.
Stonfo Elite Bobbin Threader
User friendly bobbin threader, available in 2 sizes, Size 1 for standard tube bobbin and size 2 for magnum.
Precision made from stainless steel.
Veniard Super Stretch Hackle Veniards Liquid Wax
Super Stretch Hackle
Pearl Lurex strands have been combined with strands of Super Styretch Flosson to a fringe to create this wonderfully mobile and flashy hackle.
2 sizes and 6 colours.
Veniards Liquid Wax
Specially produced to a special receipe.
A drop of this run along any thread will make dubbing very easy.
Veniard Barred CdC

Popular Items back in stock from Veniard

Dennis the Menace Fritz

Dry Fly Hackle (Limited Stock)

Saltwater Poppers

Tungsten Carbide Nippers
Barred CdC
Subtlety dyed CDC feathers have been marked with a barring to give the illusion of movement. Adds life to any CDC fly. Dun, Olive, White & Yellow

waterproof backpackwaterproof backpack20l Waterproof Backpack

The little brother of the pack below

This tough pack is also 100% Waterproof, with many of the features of the 20 litre pack.

This one is unique in that it comes with a hydration bladder.

Perfect to keep your clothes, camera and sandwiches dry.

orvis recon rodNew Orvis Recon Rods

A high-performance, fast action feel with light swing weight, combining close-in loading prowess and the power for longer reach.

Recon rods boast a completely new ferrule design, a modern shadow green blank, and covert heavy-duty black nickel hardware and reel seats with a dark burl wood insert and a 7” half wells grip
Proudly made in Manchester, Vermont, and complete with aluminum rod tube, cloth rod sock and 25-year guarantee.

The rod for the anglers who chase blue lines on topo maps and spend their nights bent over satellite imagery, plotting the next day's adventures.
For those who manage riverside meals of granola bars and biltong, hastily consumed while watching rising fish.
For anglers who would rather spend the day in the front of a skiff than behind a desk.

The appropriate flex has been built into the rod, eliminating the need to worry about tip- and mid-flex designations, the Recon is ready for your next adventure. 

waterproof backpackWaterproof Backpack
Perfect for saltwater fly fishing or even on the stream.

This tough ATG back packs is tough enough to handle the abuse of daily use. 100% Waterproof, dust-proof, storm-proof, mud-proof, snow-proof, sand-proof with a roll top closure.
The unique back support is removeable, so you can put in the pack and use it as as a stuff sack.
It features plenty of tie on points you can use for attaching items such as a spare rod.
It also features:
  • Hi-viz reflective patches on bag and shoulder straps.
  • Rated as 100% waterproof IP66
  • Floats when dropped in water, and can handle quick submersions
  • Removable laptop inner hold laptops up to 15"
  • Padded shoulder straps and lumbar support with hip strap
  • Removable Soft cell comfortable back panel with air-flow design.
  • Elasticated front webbing to secure jackets or clothing.
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder strap and waist belt
  • Top carry handle
  • Large external zip pocket Front tie down points for water bottles or support bags.
  • Air Valve for easy closure.
  • Unique vibration welded seamless construction
  •  L 29cm H 58cm x W 20cm WEIGHT: 1.5Kg

Stroft GTM Tippet and the new Stroft Tippet Management System

Stroft tippet management systemThis system is available as a complete system (left) - excluding tippet rolls and can be used with 25 and 50m tippet rolls.

Includes five Stroft Cutter & retaining rings, a spool holder and Stroft short strap.
Perfect for holding, dispensing and trimming Stroft tippet.
The cutter is razor sharp and corrosion resistant.
It also includes color coded easy peel labels.

The following are available as separate items:

Stroft tippet mangement system Stroft tippet mangement systemStroft tippet mangement system

New Spool Holder, Short Strap, and Cutter Rings
Stroft Tippet is also now in stock.

  New stock has just arrived and included are some items we have not had for a while, including:
coq de leon for RAB flieshareline prism scalehareline turkey biots for fly tyingCoq de Leon, Prism Scale, Turkey Biot Quills and Liquid Fusion

Those special ingredients for Papa Roaches - olive flank feathers, and plastic eyes.

Also included was Elk Hair, Zonker Strips, Bucktail, Moose Mane and Yak Hair

hareline baitfish emulator flash

And the materials for tying the articulated Game Changer fly
Articulated fish spines, minnow body wrap and baitfish emulator flash.
flymen articulated fish spinehareline minnow body warap

New from Loon

loon tippet stackloon rigging foamloon uv clear flow

Tippet Stack - a handy way to store your tippet. Rigging Foam - prepare your leaders with the flies in advance to allow quick changes fro changing conditions or if you break up or get tangled up. UV Clear Fly Finish in a new size bottle.

travel vice with tools
And from Xplorer, this new handy compact travel vice, with quaility tools. It fits into a flybox (supplied)

stonfo thread splitterstonfo thread splitter

Stonfo Thread Splitter
This high precision tool from Stonfo allows you to split thin threads very easily, so you can make perfect dubbing loops on even the smallest size flies. The splitting operation which is usually a real pain to do manually, becomes much easier. It is ideal for those small CdC dubbing loops.

stonfo dubbing loop setDubbing Loop Set
To assist your Thread Splitter, Stonfo Hair clips are indispensable in processing dubbing loops, and you can use various types of hair and hackles. Produced of strong clear plastic material, the locking surfaces have a slight roughness that allow a perfect clamping of the fibers. Dubbing loop clips take the frustration out of trying to tame materials and insert them into a dubbing loop. Works perfectly with CdC, deer hair, smaller fiber dubbings, deer hair, synthetics or fibres. Two clips in a pack, 49mm across.

LED Vice LightLED Vice Light
Enlighten your vice, with a perfect travel tying light - cordless, lightweight and works anywhere. The bright battery powered LED provides good light and has a long battery life. Clamps to any 3/8" or 10mm vise stem and is easily adjustable to direct light exactly where you need it. Requires three AAA batteries (not included).

plastic fly rattle

Plastic Fly Rattle
Plastic Fly Rattles are ideal to add sound and a bit of weight to large streamer flies. These loud rattles are ideal for spicing up kob and bass flies to make them more 'findable' and attractive. These are tougher than glass beads and include a throat to make sure they are tied on securely. 20mm long, 10 per pack.

pattern patchesPattern Patches
For use with permanent markers or airbrush systems, you can make 5 different patterns on many surface types - foam, synthetic fibers, tubing, feathers or legs. Ideal for bringing out your creative side and producing realistic looking flies.

hanak competition hook H970hanak competition hook H470
New Hanak H470BL and H970BL Wave point Hooks.
Hanak recently launched their new innovative 'wave' hook range, and have just added a Streamer and Jig hook. The 'wave' hook is designed to stay in once a fish is hooked by serving the purpose of a 'barb'. This unique shape allows easy hooking with less un-hooking so that the chances of losing fish on a barbless hook becomes remote. As usual the hooks are made with the perfect blend of strength and flexibility and with a super sharp point. The new models are the H970BL Streamer Wave, A heavy wire, black nickel, long shank hook in sizes #6 - 10; and the H470BL Jig Wave, a Medium wire, black nickel Jig hook in sizes #8-16. If you are serious about holding on to your fish, this is the hook for you.

The full range of Hanak Hooks

modern terrestrialsModern Terrestrials: Tying & Fishing the World's Most Effective Patterns
Rick Takahashi & Jerry Hubka
Spiral-bound: 256 pages 2014
Terrestrials, a broad category of potential fish food ranging from land-dwelling insects to mice, are one of the most important food sources for trout around the world. Whether you tie or buy your flies, this collection of cutting-edge advice from experts around the world will help you catch more fish. First comprehensive book of contemporary terrestrial patterns--grasshoppers, crickets, ants, beetles, and more Over 600 patterns and recipes from around the world Tying steps for 15 essential pattern styles plus fishing techniques, tips, and tricks from experts on rivers and stillwaters Stunning photos and detailed illustrations. Buy Online

Sakura and Nissin Tenkara Rods

New stock for the summer season has arrived

sakura tenkara rods

pulse discWe also received the next batch of Pulse Discs as the first lot disappeared fast.

New with this batch is the combo saltwater pack with metal duosnaps.

These are designed for use with a wire bite guard or heavy mono.

Package includes:
Six #4 (7/8" diameter)
Six #5 (1" diameter)
Six #6 (1-1/8" diameter)
Six #7 (1-1/4" diameter)

New Fibres from Fishient

bvlack tungsten beadsSculpting Fibre and Sculpting Flash Fibre
A nice local substitute for EP Fibre. Give your imitations the edge by using this realistic Flash Fibre. Great for sculpting crustacean and profile baitfish type flies. The combination of micro flash along with our unique blends is deadly! Trims and shapes easily and is light and water resistant. R36.00 & R40.00 per hank.

sculpting fibre flyColours - White, Silver Grey, Yellow, Dark Orange, Natural Belly, Wild Olive, Light Purple, Light Pink, Shrimp, Natural, Camo, Misty Blue, Shaded Chartreuse, Sea Blue, Rainbow, Bucktail White, Mullet Brown, Herring Back, Violet Nigh,t Midnight Blitz, Chartreuse, Olive, Redfish, Electric Yellow, Pink, Brown Dark Grey, Turquoise, Sage, Spearmint, Green, Orange, Green, Dark Brown, Lemon, Gold, Pearl, Tan, Salmon, Peacock Blue, Royal Blue, Bronze, Camel, Misty Green Sea, Green Sand, Cerise, Hot Orange, Anchovy, Dark Green, Aquamarine, Bronze Back, Flu Chartreuse, Misty Camel, Light Coral, Purple Grape, Teal, Sunburst, Black, Dark Purple, Red, Peacock, Mackerel, Silverback, Dark Olive, Glass Minnow, Beige, Livebait, Olive Shiner, Rusty Olive.

grizzly fibreGrizzly Fibre

This perfectly barred synthetic GRIZZLY FIBRE will help you create strikingly realistic baitfish imitations. Use as a topping, tail or lateral line. Also superb for antenna on crustacean patterns.
Colours: White, Shrimp Brown, Wild Olive, Baitfish Green, Light Purple, Teal, Red, Orange, Hot Pink, Dark Purple, Royal Blue.

R28.00 per hank
bvlack tungsten beads

brinefly innovations pulse disc south africabrinefly innovations pulse disc cape townbrinefly innovations pulse disc

Pulse Disc from Brinefly Innovations
Adding a Pulse Disc to your fly will make the fly look like it’s swimming. Really swimming. It makes the fly wiggle like a real baitfish. Order a pack and see how each different size of Pulse Disc makes the different sizes of flies move through the water.
Simply tie a non slip loop with the Pulse Disc between the knot and the fly and your fly comes to life. It can also be used with duosnaps for toothy fish, and is available in seven sizes for #6 - 5/0 hooks. It is available in packs of six, as well as handy cost saving multi-packs of 24 units for #6 - 1/0 and #1/0 - 5/0 hooks.
The Pulse Disc works so well because it causes the same hydro-acoustical signature put out by the bait fish. The side to side movement is the same as the bait fish, and you can actually feel the pulsation in your hand.
The Pulse Disc has been tested by Bob Popovics, published author and guru in the fly fishing industry, who encouraged the production of the Pulse Disc prototype. See the video below.
Pulse Disc Multipack #1-4 FW x24 R 399.00
Pulse Disc Multipack #4-7 SW x24 R 449.00
Pulse Disc 6 pack #1 13mm R 109.00
Pulse Disc 6 pack #2 16mm R 109.00
Pulse Disc 6 pack #3 19mm R 109.00
Pulse Disc 6 pack #4 22mm R 129.00
Pulse Disc 6 pack #5 25mm R 129.00
Pulse Disc 6 pack #6 28mm R 149.00
Pulse Disc 6 pack #7 32mm R 149.00

petitjean magic tool hair stackerPetitjean Magic Tool Hair Stacker

A hair stacker that can be used with the magic tools to stack all kinds of hair, furs, fibres, hackles (including soft ones).
It will also stack more material than a conventional stacker.
Includes a built in blade incorporating a pick and comb for teasing and untangling materials.

LED magnifier lampDeluxe LED Magnifier fly-tying Light
This energy saving light features a super-sized 3 Diopter, 7 Inch lens, with crisp bright daylight illumination.
Ideal for use as a light source at you fly tying desk, as well as for tackling those small size 20 flies that you battle to see. It is also a good light source fro photographing your flies.
The LED lights last almost forever saving you replacement globes and electricity..
This desk clamp version is also available with a T5 fluorescent lamp, as well as a smaller 5" lens version. An optional desktop mount is available.

hanak hook hanak hook hanak indicator
Hanak H270 Stillwater & Wet hook. Wave point, Short shank, black nickel. Sizes are #8, 10 and 12
Hanak H280 Stillwater & Wet hook. Wave point, long shank, black nickel. Sizes are #8, 10 and 12 Hanak BiColour Indicator is now available in a Pink/Yellow combo. 6kg breaking strain, 0.25mm dia. Also available in Orange/Yellow.

rod building components and sage advice
Rod Building components, blanks and tools
Click to see rod blanks and all the goods you will need to build or repair a rod.

New Wychwood products

wychwood river and stream reel  
New Wychwood lightweight reels from L-R. River & Stream reels #2/3 50g, #4/5 58g.  More details here.

wychwood river and stream rod

sageDigital Barometer - Altimeter

It is well known that a dropping barometer affects fishing in a negative way.
Don't get caught out!
This unit predicts and displays an array of weather information such as Barometer Pressure, Temperature and Weather Forecasting, and also the Altitude information with options of Absolute Altitude Measurement and Reference Altitude Measurement selectable by users.

It also has a Clock, Timer and Alarm functions are also available for all timing purposes. Together with an Ultra Bright White LED Torch which can be switched to Flash, this item will surely become one of the most wanted items of all fishing, hiking and outdoor lovers.
Key features include: Altimeter with Reference Mode or Absolute Mode and Auto Recording Built with High Quality Swiss Sensor Barometer with Temperature and Weather Forecast Alarm Alarm Clock with Timer Torch with Flash mode. Water Resistant (IXP 5)

More New Items here

Special Items

framed fishing flies framed fishing flies framed fishing flies framed fishing flies framed fishing flies

Framed set of 5 Transkei Fly Fishing stamps Click on pics to enlarge
Flies tied by Simon Mataka. With frame R5995.00 for set of 5, Mounted on boards only R2595.00 per set of 5.
Framed size 40cm wide by 43cm high

Yoshikazu Fujioka Yoshikazu Fujioka
Framed limited edition prints by Yoshikazu Fujioka.
Watercolour of Amago Trout on left - framed size 37 x 70cm, Coki sketch of Amago on right - framed size 34h x30 cm.
R9 995.00 for both framed prints.

Products we stock


Airflo fly lines, Ark inflatables, Buff, Chota wading boots, Daiwa, Flying Fisherman Sunglasses, Glacier Gloves, Hanak, Hemingways, Jim Teeny flylines, Kingfisher, Leeda reels, Loon, Montana Fly Company, Mucilin, Orvis rods & reels, Rio fly lines, River & Stream, Sakura Tenkara, SciFlies flies, Snowbee, Smartspooler, Stroft tippet, Tenkara, Thinkfish Bold & Flypad, TFO (Temple Fork Outfitters) Rods & reels, Xplorer products, starter kits, fly fishing kits, czech nymph tackle, Wychwood flyrods & fly reels.  Smith Optics, Redington, No  StreamX does not supply 'Shilton' reels or fishpond, but we have some good 'knock offs'. All these are available in Cape Town, but we ship anywhere in South Africa.

Fly Tying

Danville threads, Dr Slick tools, Eumer, Fishient fly tying materials, Fish skulls, Gamakatsu hooks, Grip hooks, Hanak barbless competition hooks, J:Son, JVice vise, Anvil, Just add H2O (fishient) tying materials like SF blend. Hareline dubbin, Hends, Montana Fly Company, Mustad, Pearsalls, Petitjean tools, Rainey's, Rite bobbin, Sprite hooks, Stonfo fly tying tools, Veniard products, Whiting Farm Products (Whiting feathers), Road Kill (StreamX roadkill) which sometimes includes Klipspringer.

Rod Building

Blanks by American Tackle, MHX, Orvis, RL Winston, Sage, Temple Fork (TFO), Thomas & Thomas etc. Cork rings, cork grips, Tonkin cane (bamboo), Fuji, Pacific bay (pacbay), REC, ATC, Mudhole, Flexcoat, ProKote, ProWrap and more.

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